Under Control with Sensor21

Project Based Intelligent System Control with Graphics, Maps and Logical Rules

Collect data from your sensors and visualize them with maps and graphs. Control your devices according to your rules and send notifications. Create smart solutions with online sensors such as gas, motion, temperature, current / power, water leakage and buttons, switches, displays.

User-Friendly Design

It is very easy to create smart system projects in Sensor21 platform with its color coded interface and simple but powerful design.

Solutions for All Scales

Whether you install a single sensor in your home, or build complex structures that control schools, hotels or businesses.

Strong Infrastructure

Responsive platform that will work with many web browsers and mobile devices with power of HTML, PHP, SQL, JS, AJAX, CSS etc.

Flexible and Fast

It has been designed that can meet all needs with its feature-rich options. Supported by data graphics and logic rules.

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Management System

Historical Data Graphics
Map View
Flexible Logic Engine
E-mail Alert
Log Reports
Dynamic Data Flow
User Management
Timer Function
Filter and Compare
Data analysis
Parametric Speed, Amount
Unlimited Rules
Geolocation Support
Independent Projects
Time Zone Adjustment
Device Auto Update

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Typical Edge Devices

Temperature Measurement
Humidity Measurement
Gas Detection
Motion Detection
Water Leak Detection
Power Measurement
Distance Measurement
Sound Level Measurement
Vibration Detection
Location Detection
Relay Control
Smart Button
Smart Display
3-in-1 Solutions
WiFi Connected Solutions
LoRa Connected Solutions

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Application Areas

Smart Home
School Management
Hospital Control
Hotel Automation
Building Monitoring
Smart City
Smart Agriculture
Warehouse Control
Traffic Control
Campus Management
Smart Livestock
Smart Waste Management
Parking Automation
Smart Irrigation
Energy Management
Smart Industry

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Connected Devices

Get sensor data
Compare sensor data limits with your rules
Create action logics for your sensors
Control edge devices based on your logics
Generate log, e-mail alerts or alarms
Manage users for your project

Service Comparison

Edge device status indicator
Edge device sensor data
Edge device status filter
Edge device On/Off control
Edge device bulk bar graph feature
Filter by name
Display edge device on map
Edge device data transfer every 5 sec. (Standart 60 sec.)
Edge device historical data storage
Edge device data change graphs based on time
Defining a rule
Creating alarms by rule
Creating logs by rule
Sending emails by rule
Changing edge device color according to the rule
Program on/off according to the rule

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